Vic Solar PV rebates are closed and will re-open on 1 July 2019

All solar PV eligibility and rebate applications lodged before applications closed will continue to be processed by Solar Victoria, in line with current requirements. 


If you have submitted an eligibility application and you haven’t received an eligibility number, wait until you receive an email from VIC Solar confirming your eligibility number before installation. 
If you have already received an eligibility number and haven’t installed your system, you can continue to get a system installed and then apply for a rebate.  
If you have submitted a rebate application, it will continue to be processed, in line with current requirements. 
If you have not received an eligibility number before you have installed a solar PV system you CANNOT APPLY FOR VIC REBATE, even after applications re-open on 1 July. 

If you are considering installing solar PV with a rebate and have not yet applied to Solar Victoria, you will now need to wait until applications open again on 1 July 2019. After this time, you MUST have received eligibility confirmation before installing your system to be eligible to receive a rebate. 


Interest- Free Loans 

  • As part of the Solar Homes program a loan scheme will commence for solar PV systems for owner-occupiers from July 2019. This will allow Victorians to access the benefits of renewable energy at no up-front cost. 
  • Eligible households will be able to install solar panels on their home, saving households hundreds of dollars a year on their energy bills. 
  • Renters will be able to access an interest-free loan for a solar PV system when the renters program commences in mid-2019. 
  • Households will be required to pay back the amount of the loan over four years, which will assist Victorians with budgeting for their cost of living. 
  • Households who choose to access the solar PV rebate before the loans scheme opens in July 2019 will not be able to apply for the interest-free loan. 
  • Solar Victoria is responsible for delivering the Solar Homes package and will provide further details on the interest-free loans in the coming months. 

If you would like more information about the Solar Homes program, register for updates or call 1300 363 744. 



The government is investing $82 million over 10 years to provide 50,000 rebates on solar panels for Victorian renters.  

  • To be eligible for the rebate and interest-free loans, landlords will need to strike an agreement with their tenants to share the costs of installation. 
  • Under the program, renters will make a 25 per cent contribution toward the cost of installation through a small levy on rent spread over four years, with the government and the landlord to cover the rest. For example, for a $4,000 solar panel system, the government will cover half ($2000), the landlord will invest $1,000 over time, and the renters will pay a small monthly levy over four years that will total the remaining $1000. 

The installation of solar panels is expected to save a typical Victorian household $890 on their electricity bill every year, while landlords will benefit by getting panels at low cost. 

Owners corporations will also be eligible. In order to receive the 50 per cent rebate and no-interest loan, they will need to demonstrate that the benefits of installing solar panels will be passed on to tenants. 

Solar Victoria is responsible for delivering the Solar Homes package and will provide further details on the program for renters and landlords in the coming  


From 1 July 2019, the Solar Homes program will introduce rebates for up to half the value of the installation of a battery storage unit for 10,000 households that already have solar panels installed. 

  • Eligible homeowners will be able to save up to $4,838 on this installation. This will save households with an average 11kWh battery around $650 a year on their electricity bills, in addition to savings they are already making with solar panels. This will also pave the way for future microgrids, allowing households in a local area to share their stored power to lower electricity prices even further. 
  • Victorians with a household income of up to $180,000 who live in their own home valued at up to $3 million are eligible for these rebates. 
  • Homeowners will only be eligible for one rebate across the Solar Homes program. 
  • Solar Victoria is responsible for delivering the Solar Homes package and will provide further details on the batteries program, including eligibility, in the coming months. 

If live in Victoria and you are interested in buying Solar Panels, we encourage you to read the updates on VIC rebates and or call Energy Stuff to discuss further on 1300 656 205. 

 July 1, Victorians using our quoting system will see the following message when requesting quotes

Have you applied for the Victorian Rebate before the 12th APRIL 2019? 


If you have already applied for the Victorian rebate and have an eligibility number confirmed by the government, you can certainly go ahead and get quotes from us and book your installation. We are only happy to move forward if we are confident that you have done your part in enquiring and been issued an eligibility number. This means that if we install your system prior to the 1st of July 2019, we are confident that you will receive your rebate from the government. 

Chat with us now on 1300 656 205.


If you have not applied for the Victorian rebate and you are interested in the rebate, please note that the applications for the Vic Solar rebate has been closed as of 12th April 2019 and will re-open on the 1st July. 

We advise that you WAIT until the applications are open on the 1st July 2019. We will also advise and make sure we do not go ahead and install a system and risk you missing out on the Victorian Rebate between now and the 1st July without an eligibility number. If you go ahead with a solar company and install the system without the eligibility number you will not be able to claim the rebate. 

Again, if unsure, please call our office on 1300 656 205.

Energy Stuff specialises in Residential Solar with emphasis on Repairs, Replacements and upgrades. We also provide new systems, battery storage, Small Commercial, Off-Grid systems and smart monitoring systems. Energy Stuff only uses CEC accredited installers and we fully comply with the Victorian Govt. Solar Rebate Program.

For further information please call us on 1300 656 205 or go to our website at http://www.energystuff.com.au

Posted on 17 Apr 2019

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