Solar System Repairs & Maintenance

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Solar systems are generally low maintenance, but just like any other electrical device, your system should be regularly maintained to ensure its safety and performance levels.

It is highly recommended that your system receives a periodic inspection for any possible damages, and it is also suggested that you ensure your modules are kept clean.

Do not attempt to clean or otherwise come in contact with the surface of a solar module with a broken glass face; this could result in a dangerous electrical shock.

Your solar array should also be inspected for broken module glass, shading and the possible build-up of excessive dust and dirt.

When maintaining your system it is important to remember to perform all tasks safely.

Always take appropriate precautions when working at elevated heights. Do not attempt to access the roof and wash the solar array unless safety precautions to prevent falling from heights are in place.

Another poor DC Isolator Install

 Do you need a Solar Repair?

 Is your solar Panel Faulty?

 Is your Inverter Faulty?

 Do we fix any brand of Solar Panels?

Solar customers often don’t understand the ins and outs of their solar systems. In some cases, this can lead to consumers unintentionally risking the safety of their system and their home. Additionally, system performance and overall savings may be impacted on negatively.

You can trust Solar-Safe to help bridge this gap for you to ensure the safety and performance of your system.

Do you have a system on your roof and looking for some expert advice and professional services? Is your original seller or company currently out of business, well, we can make it easy for you.

Be part of our Solar Membership program and we can arrange for our expert Master Electrician to visit your home or business. We are reliable and we make sure that you are happy with what you have, now you are on the right track to getting your system repaired and generating energy savings.

With our extensive high qualified and dedicated service team, we know the range of solar brands that are selling throughout Australia and our team has years of experience in the solar industry.  That’s why we are Solar-Safe, we care about your safety!

Be part of our membership program and our Qualified Services will be there to assist you all the way through this process.


10172739_656353261086911_4222810980774797641_nDo you know what’s on your roof?

Most solar owners are often unaware of what’s actually on their roof.

We can help!

Solar-Safe’s Fire Safety Package offers free valuable information to help solar customers ensure the safety of their homes.

The Free Fire Safety Package gives subscribers broadcasts of safety advice from leading experts, an online safety video series and access to exclusive webinars.

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