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“I was paying 400-600 per quarter before solar and no payment required now.”- Scott G  

Are you looking to install solar panels in your home, business or farm? 10687456_743281839060719_8547211614187575963_o

Maximise your energy efficiency and minimise costs by installing panels, inverters and cables that are tested and proven to perform in Australian conditions. Many generic and foreign alternatives are unable to withstand the demands of heavy rain and extreme heat found in some States. Don’t waste money on equipment that isn’t built for local conditions. Installing a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Generator is a fantastic way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing your reliance on conventional electricity generation. Your system will save considerable CO2 emissions over its service life as well as produce significant savings on your power bill. We are sure you will enjoy your new solar Generator, which has been designed with your ease and safety in mind.


Your solar power generating system will be designed and engineered to maximise the production of electricity at your home.

  • Designed for Australian conditions.
  • Designed to Australian Standards. (e.g. wind, electrical, installation).
  • Flexibility to suit your roof size
  • Increased value to your home—a capital improvement
  • Energy Savings for twenty-five (25) years
  • A buffer against increases in your power bills
  • Full warranty. Up to twenty-five (25) years on modules and five (5) years on inverters

Contact us today for an obligation free consultation or read more about our solar solutions for homes.

What is a thermal scan?

A thermal scan is a detection device used by electricians to internally view your switchboard, inverter and even the panels.

Why should I have a thermal scan completed on my existing array? irsolr1

Your inverter is made up of smaller boards, cables and electronics; as is your switchboard, panels and any other appliance in your home.

A thermal scan will give both the electrician and yourself an insight on the temperature of all parts, ensuring they are reading at an acceptable degree. Electronics that are running too hot (so to speak) are potential risks of faults and house fires.





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