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Solar Panels Need To Be Cleaned

Solar panels need to be cleaned regularly to maintain the maximum energy efficiency output. The build-up of dirt, grime and pollutants over time reduces the efficiency of the panels leading to a reduction in energy output as high as 25%* and lower feed-in returns.

Solar panels rely on sunlight reaching the panel’s surface to convert the sun’s energy into either electricity or heat. The greater the intensity of the sunlight reaching the cell, the more effective the panel will be.

By setting a regular cleaning schedule, solar panels will always operate at their maximum efficiency.


Why clean solar panels?

Anything preventing sunlight from entering the solar cells will reduce the capacity of those cells to perform at their maximum efficiency.

Environmental factors such as dirt, dust, grime, bird/ bat droppings, lichen and especially salt all decrease the capacity of solar panels to work at their peak, leading to a decrease in output.

Thereby having a detrimental effect on the primary reason for installing panel systems, i.e. to reduce power bills.

Won’t rain clean my solar panels?

Take the example of a car left out in the weather for 6 months. You can imagine the state of the windscreen; you’d need to give it quite a clean before you could drive that car safely.

Well, that’s exactly how solar panels look after being out in the elements for 6 months.

That’s why we recommend twice yearly cleaning, especially in coastal and high traffic areas.

Let’s face it, that’s the majority of built-up areas in Australia.

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