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Solar Panels Need To Be Cleaned

Solar panels need to be cleaned regularly to maintain the maximum energy efficiency output. The build-up of dirt, grime and pollutants over time reduces the efficiency of the panels leading to a reduction in energy output as high as 25% and lower feed-in returns.

Solar panels rely on sunlight reaching the panel’s surface to convert the sun’s energy into either electricity or heat. The greater the intensity of the sunlight reaching the cell, the more effective the panel will be.

By setting a regular cleaning schedule, solar panels will always operate at their maximum efficiency.

Benefits of Purchasing Solar

Reduce your carbon footprint. 10533056_776098399112396_967587131709339590_n

Solar energy is an incredibly clean energy source. Compared to power derived from fossil fuels or hydropower, solar has minimal impact on the environment.

A 5 kW PV solar system avoids discharging into the atmosphere about 1 kg of nitrogen oxide and almost 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide that would have otherwise been produced using conventional methods.

This is the equivalent of:

• Not driving a car 53,000 km a year
• The amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 24 trees
• Avoiding over 2.5 tonnes of rubbish in landfills a year

Add value to your property

You can add undeniable value to your property by installing solar before the Government incentives are gone forever. By doing this you can lock in your electricity price increases. As prices rise, the ROI (Return on Investment) will increase as well.

Not only will solar increase the overall value of your property but it will also increase the chances of selling your home.

Potential buyers will favourably consider your home because it can reduce their energy bill.

Reduce your energy bill member page

The installation of a solar system on your home will immediately begin to work wonders in minimising your the energy bill.

Our Solar-Safe team will customise solar systems to suit every individual’s energy consumption profile, as no two households are the same.

Attract tenants with lower energy bills

As electricity prices continue to rise, people are desperately looking for effective ways to save money. Solar is a stand-out saving solution that will be highly considered by potential tenants.

Create a passive income

Solar can offer you the chance to create a passive income stream, which will maximise your return on investment.

Already Own a Solar System?

Is your solar system saving you $$$ in your pocket?

Are you happy with your power bill?

Having a solar panel is a great investment you have made. What an amazing opportunity to have a system installed on your roof that simply generates power that is FREE from the sun!

In order to make sure you are saving money and getting the most out of your solar system, there are some things to consider;

  • Have you had your system checked since your system checked recently?
  • Are you fully aware of how much energy you are getting from your system?

Apart from being solar safe, it is important to us that you understand the main benefit of your solar system and why you have one on your roof at the first place.

Did you purchase a system to save money? 1794654_652451124810458_7907586758481786109_n

If your answer is YES, then you’d also like to know how much you’re saving!! We can help you do your research and give you some helpful tips and advice on what to expect. Having a solar system may sound simple but doing the maths on your saving will need an expert advice. We simplify the numbers and make it simple for you to understand and appreciate your investment.

Help us spread the word to your friends or families to promote the Solar Safety Membership Packages. Together we can help you get a better deal and Save energy while promoting a clean Environment for the future.

Save Money at Solar Safe today. Check out our website and be part of our Solar Membership program.

Be comfortable and safe in the comfort of your home and business.

Why should I have my solar system maintained?

Your solar system has an ideal performance expectation and an average amount of kWh it should produce a day. Systems that are not regularly maintained can decrease in performance without you noticing, meaning less production annually.

Dirty modules can cause your system to lose between 8 – 25% of energy production.

Solar-Safe offers solar customers the chance to join together, to provide to you a better energy solution.
We understand that constant policy changes, such as changes in feed-in tariffs, are hurting people who have purchased a solar system.

Solar-Safe can help you get a better deal, but we need YOU to help us make a difference.

We can negotiate on behalf of solar customers the chance to receive a healthier feed-in tariff which will allow your system to have a higher return, meaning more $$$ in your pocket.

To put it simply, the more solar systems registered the greater chance of a better deal!

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