Australia’s largest solar and battery farm opens in Kerang, improves energy security

By Beth Gibson - ABC News - 14 June 2019 PHOTO: The battery stores 100 per cent renewable energy generated from the solar panels. (Supplied: Edify Energy) Australia's largest integrated batte...

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Electric cars and renewable energy could drive new outback mining boom

By Emilia Terzon - ABC News - 11 June 2019 Main image: PHOTO: Parts needed to make electric cars could be dug up in the NT. (ABC News: Leah MacLennan) Electric cars and wind turbine...

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NSW quietly cancels 200MW virtual power plant, redirects funds to solar loans

By Michael Mazengarb - RenewEconomy - 11 June 2019 The NSW government has quietly cancelled a $50 million program to establish a 200MW virtual power plant, to cover the costs of an election promis...

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Victoria Police add all-electric Tesla Model X to highway patrol

By Sophie Vorrath - The Driven - 3 June 2019 Electric vehicles could be the norm for road policing in Australia within just 10 years’ time, Victoria Police has said, after revealing on Monday it...

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Networks want to hit household solar exports with extra grid charges

By Giles Parkinson - RenewEconomy - 4th June 2019 The main lobby group representing Australia’s electricity and gas networks has renewed its push to hit households exporting solar back to the gr...

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China remains the world’s worst polluter but did you know it’s also a leader in renewable energy?

By Christina Zhou - ABC News - 2 July 2019 Shanghai, one of the world's most populous cities, will today enact strict green policies limiting disposable tak...


The US produced more energy from renewable sources than from coal for the first time ever in April – despite President Trump pledging to ‘bring coal back’

By Danyal Hassain - Daily Mail Australia - 27 June 2019 In April, for the first time ever, the US produced more energy from renewable sources than from coal...


Australia’s still building 4 in every 5 new houses to no more than the minimum energy standard

By Trivess Moore, Michael Ambrose & Stephen Berry - The Conversation New housing in Australia must meet minimum energy performance requirements. We ...

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