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The Solar-Safe team will organise a qualified Master Electrician to inspect your solar array.

There are a number of issues that can arise on a low-quality installation. Solar Safe would like you to have peace of mind that you are SAFE and that YOU are making the most REBATES as possible.

Has your installer used cheap products?

Unknowingly to you, some products used on your installation may not meet the requirements of the [ESCO]. These products can cause faults, further electrical damage, and potential fires to your home.

Do you know the brand of leads, cabling, and isolators installed on your system?

Are your cables secured correctly? It is extremely dangerous if the cables are exposed and touching your metal roof or worse, left unsecured. If this occurs, your entire roof becomes LIVE, thus leaving your family exposed to electrocution!!

Are you aware that poor quality silicon used to seal the roof penetration points will deteriorate over time allowing your roof to be susceptible to leaks and structural damage?

The safety of your installation is important. Every solar installation requires the expert advice and safety check of the Rail and Feet of your solar system. The rail is used to mount your panels onto the roof. Corrosion may occur when there is contact between metals allowing oxidization to occur without you knowing unless an Expert Electrician checks it regularly.

Where is your inverter situated?

Inverters left exposed to the elements of the weather (ie sun damage and rain) can limit the lifespan of the inverter. There is IP (ingress protection) ratings on all inverters to determine how much moisture it can withstand, as well as other factors such as dust and airflow. Solar-Safe will be able to confirm and report if your inverter is at risk of IP negligence.

But I have a warranty on my inverter!

Many Solar companies have gone out of business leaving their customers with difficulty in claiming or finding out more information about your Warranty. While you may still have the warranty, getting another agent may be difficult and expensive. You could find yourself paying out of pocket expenses for the inverter cost and for the lost yield of your system. Find out more with Solar Safe.


Our head office is located in Melbourne. However, we have qualified installers all across Australia, ready to inspect, check and upgrade existing equipment or to measure and size new equipment. Please fill in all areas, especially the notes box below your details. We will call you promptly.

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