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Solar-Safe is Part of Energy Stuff, a national business and our team are working to make us one of the most respected Solar Companies in Australia.

Solar-Safe is a vertically integrated business with Award Winning Electricians caring for solar customers whose original installer, manufactures or sales companies have gone out of business.

Solar-Safe has extensive experience in our field and the team is here to support the many thousands of solar installations across the country. Our experience as one of Australia’ssolar-panelsia’s most respected regional companies, has shown us customers prefer to deal with “real people” from firms that they can trust.

Solar-Safe is here to help you understand your solar array, monitor the safety of your solar system and provide you with the right advice when it comes to upgrades and service. Additionally, Solar-Safe customers benefit from the knowledge gained by our internal Research and Development Team.

How we can help?

Have you purchased a solar system in the hype of previous Australia Government incentives? Are you concerned about Solar-Safety? Considering installing a solar system and you don’t know who to trust? Well, Solar-Safe principally offers consumers the chance to have their system checked, monitored and upgraded by a quality Solar-Safety system that includes only our recommended world’s best solar brands that are installed and checked by Master Electricians.

In addition, Solar-Safe’s key protection feature is your FREE Solar Diary. A Solar Diary Membership allows us to record and monitor all of your key competent information, serial numbers and track any global safety recalls. As a valued Solar-Safe Member, we will assist you in making sure you receive the best performance from your solar system. Through our safety advice, online video information and exclusive webinars, Solar-Safe is here to help protect your family and home and to further increase your awareness and understanding.

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Your Solar-Safe Team

Our team here at Solar-Safe have extensive experience and knowledge in the renewable energy sector. We are committed to ensuring the safety of each and every one of our customers and we’re dedicated to helping you make the most of your solar investment.

Our Research and Development team are continuously studying and monitoring the results and suitability of Solar Panels across Australia’s diverse, and sometimes harsh, environmental conditions. We know which type and combinations of Solar Panels work efficiently and we can assess and recommend suitable products to replace your faulty or failing equipment.

Our Executive team has the experience and knowledge!

Solar Safe is part of the Deal With Stuff Family.

Our Purpose: To bring knowledge and cost savings to average Australians so that they may enjoy better health, wealth, and lifestyle. Making a positive impact on the communities we serve.


Customer Charter

Customers are the heart of everything we do. Our Customer Charter was carefully and purposefully written to capture from the founders the essential reasons why we established Deal With Stuff.

  • We believe that the average Australian is disillusioned with big business to the point that they have lost trust in these businesses in providing them with the best information and or a fair deal.
  • We believe that the average Australian feels that big business is more about profits and high executive salaries than looking after their clients.
  • We believe that the average Australian feels they are trapped between the ever-rising prices of basic commodities and stagnant wage and salary growth.
  • We believe that the average Australian wants to play a bigger part in protecting the environment through better energy management and green energy generation.
  • We believe our Technology makes it possible for anyone of our Customers to join us in Business and proposer promoting our products and services.

Our philosophy is:

Our Customers come first.

Our total commitment to our customers means we:

  • Provide sound information and advice without pressure to buy or a basis to buy
  • Provide choice so customers can best suit their unique needs
  • Provide Expert opinion to enable to best decisions to be made
  • Provide a Human connection because communication is key
  • Provide the best deals and cost saving in our chosen fields
  • Provide great backup and ongoing support over the long-term
  • Keep in regular touch so customers can continue to learn and benefit from our services

We make Stuff Easy!

Our reputation is about being:

  • Easy to deal with technology (our Prodigy Platform connects customers to organisations)
  • Easy to understand (we don’t confuse people with technical or legal jargon)
  • Open and transparent (In our contracts, terms, etc)

Our Stuff is up to date!

We provide fresh insights, products, and services in the following areas:

  • The latest thinking and research in our chosen fields (International and Local)
  • The latest technology and products in our chosen fields (International and Local)
  • The latest systems to better link and communicate with our customers and suppliers.

We Work here because we love what we do!

We only employ people who are:

  • Committed to making a difference for the average Australian consumer
  • Committed and optimistic for the future and embracing change
  • Keen to disrupt the status quo – looking to do things different, faster, and better
  • Not willing to take no for an answer when looking to improve our service to customers
  • Ethical, Respectful, Engaged, Creative, and Dependable.

Lucas Sadler

Founder & Executive Director of Energy Stuff

Lucas is a Senior Executive, with a proven track record in delivering long-term value for many organisations, commercialising disruptive technologies, breaking into new markets in emerging energy and establishing profitable customer relationships.

An avid supporter of Clean Energy, Lucas is at the forefront of Solar and Battery generation and sees the continuing move to renewables and self-sufficiency in both commercial and residential production as being key to our future productivity and energy security.

Lucas has experienced roles leading Businesses in the Energy, Renewable Energy, Retail and FMCG marketplace. Lucas contributed to the success of Samsung’s arrival in Australia firstly as a National Manager – Telecommunications and as the Manager responsible for the Harvey Norman Account. Lucas was both a Harvey Norman Electrical and Computer Franchisee, awarded in 2009 the “Gold Franchisee Award” at the inaugural Global Electrical Franchisee Conference.

Lucas transitioned to the Energy Business in 2010, with Executive responsibility for establishing Sales and Branch offices in the highly competitive Renewable Energy Sector (Solar & Storage), followed by appointment as the Executive responsible for the Sales Leadership at Energy Australia’s Commercial & Industrial Business Sales Group.

Lucas was the founding Managing Director of Yingli Green Energy’s Asia Pacific business and served as the Chief Executive Officer for Horan & Bird and Portfolio Manager Storage & Solar Services at Origin Energy (Australia’s Largest Energy Company).

Lucas supported his early Renewable Energy experience with positions on the board of The Australian Solar Council and The Australian Energy Storage Council, during the most turbulent policy period faced by the Renewable Energy Industry. Today, Lucas is utilising his strategic sales and operational leadership skills to drive revenue, growth and change from a sales, service, marketing and business efficiency perspective.

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