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Solar Safety was founded to help home, business and rural customers with solar warranties, repairs, replacements or upgrades of your solar panels or inverter. The Solar-Safe team has recently extended our advocacy to our Solar Safety, Storage Safety and Battery Safety businesses. We know the correct specialists for your inverter repairs, services, and replacements. Solar panel expansions help you make more money from your solar PV systems. Adding one, two or three new solar panels can make a difference. Our Solar Panels suppliers have been chosen based on years of research and practical experience. Is your solar system making the savings promised? Solar-Safe can help you make more energy savings by asking an expert to review how your solar is actually performing. Solar Safe can organise for someone to review your current installation, set out a schedule for the maintenance of small-scale photovoltaic systems (solar panels) for households. Solar Safe will also help you with the purchase of a new solar system for the home or your business with one of our experts. Solar Safe is a national broker, and our team are working to make us one of the most respected Solar Companies in Australia. Solar Safe is a vertically integrated business with experienced tradespeople and a national dealer network caring for solar customers whose original installer, manufacturers or sales companies have gone out of business.


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The growth of solar

More than 3 million households now enjoy the benefits of rooftop solar across Australia.

The average system size continues to grow, rising to 6.27 kW in 2017. This helped Australia achieve a record year in 2017 with more than 1.1 GW of new solar capacity installed, even though fewer systems were installed overall compared to some previous years.

Many of these installations occurred in the frenzy of Rebates and Feed-in Tariff incentives and MANY of the companies who performed these installations are now no longer in business.  We offer a FREE Solar Diary tool, that allows you to record key energy generation data over a one month period and from this we can determine the current efficiency of your system. If not performing well against similar systems in your area we will recommend actions you may take to investigate and remedy. As a valued Solar Safe customer, we will assist you in making sure you receive the best performance from your solar system. Make more energy savings today. Cleaning of solar panels has now also become an area of your annual solar maintain requirement. Solar Safe is proudly made in Melbourne.

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Our head office is located in Melbourne. However, we have teams all across Australia, ready to inspect, check and upgrade existing equipment or to measure and size new equipment.

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